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A man with hearing loss said it has not stopped him from following his dream career to become a doctor. Will Moseley-Roberts, from Cardiff, shared his story during Deaf Awareness Week. He has progressive bilateral hearing loss (PBHL), and said his declining performance in hearing tests made him feel like a “constant failure”. Mr Moseley-Roberts started to experience symptoms when he was five years old, and had to move schools to get access to more support. Debbie Thomas from the National Deaf Children’s Society Cymru, added: “We were delighted to hear about Will’s inspiring story and it shows that with the right support, deaf young people can do anything their hearing friends can do. “There are around 2,500 deaf children and young people across Wales and they’re showing incredible potential as they finish school. “As they approach this critical stage of their lives, it’s vital they get the support, guidance and inspiration they need to aim high and secure the right career for them. “
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