One Woman Who Helps Millions Of People She Will Never Meet

“Your daughter has a hearing loss.” Those are the words Janice Lintz was told by her daughter’s pediatrician when her world started to crumble around her. “Don’t worry,” the doctor continued, “there are special schools for her.” For Lintz, those were fighting words. 

She was unwilling to dilute her daughter’s developmental experiences, especially in the culture-rich capital of New York City, where she lived. That is when Lintz went on a crusade to make the world more accessible to those with hearing loss. To date, her efforts have helped the 48 million Americans with hearing loss, more than the combined populations of the states of California and New Jersey. However, proper hearing aids were only the first step. The next step was to advance induction loop technology in the United States.

Forbes reports on Janice Lintz, hearing loss consultant and advocate, and her quest to advance hearing loop technology throughout the US.