IHLMA Manufacturer Members

IHLMA is formed by businesses that manufacture Hearing Loop Systems. The full members of IHLMA are as follows, each of which companies agrees to act by our Code of Practice. If you are interested in membership, please contact An application form is available here.

Bo-Edin (Univox)
Clear Audio Systems
Geemarc Telecom
Hearing Products International
OPUS Technologies
Signet (AC)
Williams Sound

IHLMA Associate members

Associate Members are groups or individuals who have an influential role in the world of Hearing Loop provision, or who have a professional interest in Hearing Loop technologies and applications, or advocacy groups or interested people with hearing loss. If you are interested in Associate Membership, please contact An application form is available here.

AB Transistor Sweden
Edworthy Audio Engineering
Institute of Sound, Communication and Visual Engineers
J M Woodgate & Associates
Qlu Ltd

Member Roles Key

– Manufacturer
– Installer
– Consultant
– Distributor
– Training
– Designer
– Maintenance

The Committee

IHLMA is managed by its Committee on behalf of the membership:

Chair – Andrew Thomas
Vice Chair – Andrew Scott

Other committee members:
Andrew Grossman
Per Persson
Julian Pieters
Thomas Plahn