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Why There’s No Such Thing as Being “Too Young” for Hearing Loss

Despite stereotypes that people with hearing loss are elderly, many young people are born with or develop hearing loss. According to the Hearing Loss

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How video conferencing apps compare for accessibility

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, video calling services have become increasingly important to connect us to friends, family and work. But

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What’s it like to be deaf in a global pandemic?

Diagnosed with congenital bilateral hearing loss when she was five years old, Amanda Silverwood suffers from 90% hearing loss on one side and 50%

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Deaf Awareness Week

This month sees the beginning of Deaf Awareness Week – dedicated to spreading awareness of deaf issues and to educate and inform of best

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How to make your resources accessible to deaf children and young people – National Deaf Children’s Society

The national deaf children’s society have released their guidelines regarding making data resources accessible  for deaf children and young

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BSL Health Access to close due to lack of funding

BSL Health Access,  the service run by charity SignHealth, that allows people reliant upon the use of British sign language to use an interpereter

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The ‘New Normal’ for Hearing Healthcare in the UK

In this blog, Hearing Aid UK Founder Paul Harrison discusses the “new normal” among audiologists in the UK as it relates to the provision of

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Hearing loss and tinnitus may be associated with coronavirus, new research suggests

Hearing loss and other auditory problems may be strongly linked to coronavirus, new research suggests. Scientists estimate 7.6% of people infected

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WHO World Report on Hearing 2021

The World Health Organisation have made available “The World Report on Hearing” – a comprehensive report that aims to aid member

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Use of hearing aids is effective for tinnitus, study finds

A Japanese study has shown that the use of hearing aids has significant effects for tinnitus. All the participants in the study reported significant

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Scientists Develop New Gene Therapy for Treatment of Deafness

Delivering healthy genetic material into the inner ear cells of mice with a genetic defect that causes deafness enables the cells to function

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